At the., you'll find an eclectic mix of whimsical products designed by Sherwood Forlee. You won't, however, find any fanciful themes or philosophies underlying his body of work. Sherwood has a short attention span, which accounts for his scatterbrained selection of goods. He also has a short attention span, which accounts for his inability to get past the definite article of a company name.

Prior to forming the., Sherwood worked at various design firms worldwide. In 2009, he decided to put together an original collection of lighthearted and mirthful products.

Having started out happily as a small operation, the. is content to keep it that way. Most of the offerings the. offers are self-funded. As such, only small batches can be made at a time and are sometimes shelved to make room for other harebrained ideas. the. is also committed to sharing its playful spirit with not only its customers but with organizations that make positive differences in the world. Wherever possible, the. contributes a percentage of its online earnings to charities whose focus is to empower people and stoke the flames of their imaginations. To learn more about the charities the. supports, please visit the links on the individual product pages.

Sherwood was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Zimbabwe, and then settled in the US. He graduated as a mechanical and aerospace engineer and then managed to single-handedly lower the average income of his graduating class by taking work as a product designer. He hopes to eventually open up his own bread and nut butter shop replete with a staff of well-trained squirrels to operate the grinding machines.